September, 2002

Dear Sirs,

B. Worldwide Chauffeur Drive is very happy to be associated with Kacayias Limousines; Kacayias has been B. affiliate in Greece for the past 17 years looking after some of the most influential business people from around the world.

The professional manner in which Kacayias have conducted themselves over the years has given them a reputation with our very prestigious clients of being the very best, and it is I am sure a significant factor with that for the past three years B has been voted the best Chauffeur Drive Company in the World.

Kind Regards

F. B

Sales Director

August, 2000

Mr & Mrs Orozco.

Ms Orozco Onboard Grand Princess in the Mediterranean July 23rd -August 4th 2000

Attn Mr. George M. Kacayias

Dear Mr. Kacayias,

We came on the Princess Cruise to Athens, where we met Angelo. He took us to Acropolis that is an unbelievable place to be, also he was so kind to explain my daughter and us Hellenic history in which he is very well documented. Also he took us to the stadium he took us to an excellent restaurant with excellent food and service.

We really spent an unforgettable day with him, such a very nice and kind person. We are going to miss him and we will look forward to see him again in the future.

Thank you again for this wonderful day that we spent with him sending our regards to you.

Sincerely yours

Orozco Fam.

April 20, 1970









Attention: Mr. George Kacayias

Dear George :

Mrs. Nixon and I want to thank you for your kindness to us in driving us during our visit to Athens . You were very patient and courteous and certainly made our visit a very pleasant experience.

We will see that you receive a copy of the picture when we get them .

With best wishes,

I am Sincerely,

F.Donald Nixo

June 14, 1985


407 South Dearborn Street


Illinois 60605


Attn: Mr. George Kacayias

Dear Mr. Kacayias,

The agent of Mr/Mrs. Knox telephoned me last week (the Knox’s did not return to the United States until May 31) to tell me that they had the most wonderful and memorable tour of Greece, and that they received the most wonderful service that they have ever received in their life from any trip.

It makes me very proud to be associated with you in our tour cooperations, and I thank you with great appreciation for all you have done for these very difficult to please clients.

The agent told me that they always come back from every trip with a lot of complaints, but this time they did not have even one complaint, and in fact said how magnificent everything was.

Again, many thanks for all you have done on our behalf.

With best regards,


Murray S. Rosenbaum

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