Touring Turkey

Istanbul: The Imp. Mosques & St. Sofia Church (4hrs)

Driving across the Golden Horn over the Ataturk Bridge, and passing the Aqueduct of valences, this tour will take you to the Suleymaniye Mosques, built in the 16th century by the famous architect Sinan. The tour will then proceed to the Blue Mosque and the old Hippodrome. The next stop will be St.Sophia, the church of Divine Wisdom. The route back to your hotel will take you along the harbor of the city and the famous Galata Bridge.
(on Mondays St.Sophia is replaced by Kariye Museum.)

Istanbul: Ottoman Treasures (4hrs)

This tour will take you to the Topkapi Palace Museum, the imperial residence of the Ottoman Sultans from the 15th until 19th century. You will have the chance to see the jewelry, porcelain, miniature, and textile collections and various other objects of art which formerly belonged to the sultans. The tour will then take you to the Grand Bazaar, one of the most irresistible attractions of the city.
(Topkapi Palace is replaced by the Museum of Turkish & Islamic Arts on Tuesdays. The Covered Bazaar is closed on Sundays.)

Istanbul: The Glorious Bosphorus (4hrs)

This tour is organized to introduce you to the beauties of Bosphorus, the picturesque waterway separating Asia from Europe. Embarking the passenger ferry at Eminonu, you will sail past the Dolmabahce palace and the fortress of Rumelihisari, viewing the beautiful old wooden houses built on the shores of the Bosphorus. You will disembark at Sariyer and visit the Sadberk Hanim Museum, which houses a small but comprehensive collection of artifacts from prehistoric to the late Ottoman era.
(On Wednesdays Sadberk Hanim Museum replaced by Rumelihisari.)

Istanbul: Europe & Asia (4hrs)

This tour will take you across the Bosphorus. Bridge to Asia. You will drive up to the Camlica hill for a superb panoramic view of Istanbul. The tour will continue to the Beylerbeyi Palace, the summer residence of the Ottoman Sultans on the shores of Bosphorus. After that an orientation drive across the Bosphorus. bridge to your hotel.
(Beylerbeyi palace is closed on Mondays and Thursdays.)

Special Tour: Istanbul By Night

This tour will pick you up from your hotel and take you for an evening out. After driving through the streets of the city, viewing Istanbul's magical skyline of domes and minarets, you will proceed to a famous night club where you will enjoy an "a-la-carte" dinner while watching Turkish floorshow, including belly dancers, folk dances, and songs in many languages.

Special Tour: Princes' Islands (8hrs)

Embarking the passenger ferry at Eminonu, this tour will begin with a short, leisurely journey at sea. As you make your way to the islands, you will have a magnificent view of Istanbul's magical skyline adorned by the domes and minarets of the imperial mosques. Stopping briefly at Kinali, Burgaz, and Heybeli islands, you will get off at Buyukada, the largest of all. After enjoying a tour of the island by horse carriage, a lunch can be enjoyed at a seaside restaurant.
(This tour is offered only in late spring and summer months.)

Tour Around Turkey: Wonders Of Ephesus (One day trip)

Take an early flight to Izmir. Your driver will meet you at the airport and take you to Ephesus, one of the most impressive and best preserved archaeological sites in the world. Spend the morning strolling through the streets, temples, and fountains of this ancient metropolis. After lunch, visit the local archaeological museum, the Basillica of St. John, where the apostle lies buried and the House of Virgin Mary, where it is believed that she has lived her last days. At night you return to Izmir to take flight back to Istanbul.

Tour Around Turkey: Ephesus Pergamon (Two day trip)

Extended version of choice#1 by staying in Kusadasi or Izmir. Visit Persimmon, the Hellenistic Attlaid kings. See the acropolis adorned with several temples and the famous Altar of Zeus, now in Berlin. Visit the Asklepion, an important health center of antiquity. Take your return flight this evening or extend your stay. Excursions to Priene, Miletos, Didyma and to Aprodisias and Pamukkale can be arranged.

Tour Around Turkey: Journey to a Dreamland (Two day trip)

Take a trip to the heart of Turkey, to Cappadocia, a dreamland of volcanic landscape eroded and sculpted by the forces of nature through the ages. Human beings carved their homes and shrines into the volcanic rock, creating entire villages, and underground cities. Fly to Ankara where your guide will meet you at the airport and drive Cappadocia. You will stay overnight in the area next day visit Goreme valley, where early Christian communities carved their churches into the volcanic rock and decorated them with frescones. Visit the picturesque villages of Avanos, Uchisar, and Zelve and the underground city of Kaykamli. Return to Ankara for the evening flight back.

Tour Around Turkey: Troy and Gallipoli. (One day trip)

Depart early in the morning from Istanbul. After driving along the shores of the sea of Marmara, have lunch in the small town of Gallipoli, located on the Dardanelles, the famous strait known as Hellespont in antiquity.
Take ferry across to Asia and visit Troy, Homer's legendary city. Wander along its walls and remember the great heroes who fought at the siege of Troy. In the afternoon, visit the World War I battlefields and cemeteries on the Gallipoli peninsula. Drive back to Istanbul in the evening.

Tour Around Turkey: Bursa (One day trip)

The trip to Bursa takes about 3 hours. Your tour includes visits to green Mosque and Mausoleum, the grand Mosque and the old Silk Market. You will have lunch at a restaurant serving famous Bursa specialty, the Iskender Kebab.
The fifth largest city of Turkey, Bursa was once the capital of Ottoman before the capture of Istanbul.
Originally called the Prussia after its founder, Prusias I (BC 228-185), the city was incorporated into the Roman Empire in BC 74. Prosperous under the Romans and early Byzantine, the city suffered badly from the Arab raids in the 7th and 8th centuries.
Bursa was conquered by the Ottomans in 1324. The city was always famous for its mineral springs, its production of silk and other textile products such as velvet and towels. Carpets, kaftans, and many valuable textile products were produced in the imperial workshops.